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The Airedale terrier is an adventurous and cheerful dog who likes to push his limits. He is naturally very eager to learn and flexible. This terrier is a real companion that you can take with you to a restaurant, on an excursion or on vacation. They are also very suitable for dog sports. Although Airedale terriers know well what is expected of them, they don’t just follow orders. Like all terriers, these dogs have a quirky side. These intelligent, self-aware animals like to share their own opinions and wishes with their owners. Due to their strong personality and fearlessness, they also regularly ask for physical and mental challenges. The Airedale terrier is a great family dog. It is a fun buddy for adults and a fun playmate for children. Yet a boring lap dog life is not for these temperamental four-legged friends.


This sympathetic terrier is full of energetic entrepreneurial spirit and you can see that in his attentive look and pricked ears. His compact, muscular physique and dense, wiry coat are of particular appeal to dog lovers all over the world. Typically the Airedale terrier reaches a height of between 55 and 61 cm. This makes these dogs among the largest among the (English) terriers. As usual, the males are slightly larger than the females. Their ideal weight is between 20 and 23 kg, but some males can weigh up to 28 kg. Characteristic of this breed are the long head and beard and the typical coat color called ‘black and tan’.

Other particulars

Since terriers tend to dominate, they need a consistent upbringing. If socialized early it is no problem at all to get this breed together with other dogs. Originally, Airedale terriers were bred for otter hunting. So you have to keep a close eye on them if there are also rodents or cats in the house. Unlike most other breeds, this dog doesn’t shed naturally, so you need to protect it well in extreme heat. To keep the coat clean, it is advisable to brush this terrier weekly with a stiff brush. This is especially important after the winter. The coat should be trimmed about two to three times a year and in the summer it is important to check for ticks regularly. These family dogs live to an average age of 14 years.

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