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An American pit bull terrier is also sometimes referred to as ‘Yankee terrier’ and is closely related to the American Staffordshire terrier . This loyal companion dog may look frightening to some people, but is actually a loyal, affectionate family friend. If you give him the right behavioral training and socialization in time, he will learn to get along well with other pets and children. You have to take into account his natural urge to start fighting with other dogs, especially when challenged. But this does make American pit bulls excellent home guards. An assertive but respectful and patient owner is especially a good match for this dog. With his help, this dog can really turn out to be a loyal family dog who goes to great lengths to please its owner. After all, he himself is also extremely sensitive to rewards, congratulations and physical affection. Because of its intelligence and eagerness to learn, the American pit bull is also a great working dog.


The American pit bull terrier is known for its large, powerful head and jaws. These characteristics were obtained by selective breeding of specimens brought into the US by English, Irish and Scottish immigrants in the 19th century. Originally, this sturdy dog is a cross between a bulldog and an older terrier line. The combination of a low tail with high set ears is also characteristic of this breed. The compact, short-backed body and muscular legs, along with his brutal media reputation, make this dog a great repeller of uninvited guests. This breed is therefore popular with (livestock) farmers as a loyal protector. Males are on average 16 to 48 cm tall and 16 to 27 kg in weight. Bitches range in height between 43 and 46 cm and usually weigh between 13 and 23 kg. The short, hard and dense coat of these dogs comes in almost all colors.

Other particulars

The aggressive reputation of American pit bull terriers is not entirely justified. Their natural aggression is aimed at other dogs, not people. And even this can be overcome with the right training. That is why this breed is growing in popularity as a pet, but is also often used as a tracking or police dog. In the past, they were also often used to feed bulls. Since these four-legged friends are very strong by nature, it is important to teach them from an early age not to pull on a leash. Just like all others, protect this pit bull from the heat when necessary. These purebred dogs live an average of 12 years when properly cared for. They need at least 1 hour of exercise per day. If they have a garden to romp in, they will behave calmly indoors and very sporty outside.

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