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The Bernese Mountain Range is a very old breed. It is a Swiss Alpine dog. Berner Sennens are sweet, patient, good-natured childhood friends. They are calm but also confident and watchful. They only let out their heavy bark when something really is going on. You can also put them together with other pets. The Bernese Mountains are cheerful in nature and have a balanced character. These qualities make him a very popular family dog. It is a docile companion, affectionate to its owner but also nice to unknown visitors.


A Bernese Mountain is slightly larger than average. Its height at the withers is between 60 and 70 cm and its weight varies between 40 and 55 kg. The Bernese Mountain can be recognized by its long, straight or slightly wavy coat. The coat has a deep black base color with bright brown-red markings on the cheeks, above the eyes, on the chest and on the four legs. It has small, white to medium, symmetrical markings on the head. In addition, it has a large, white area on the chest. Ideally, these purebred dogs also have white feet and a white tail tip.

Other particulars

The impressive coat of the Bernese Sennen is ideal for cold climates. He likes to play in the snow. This makes it more sensitive to hot temperatures. It sheds hair all year round, especially in the spring and fall. Frequent brushing and bathing every 3 months is recommended. Regular inspection and hygiene of teeth and ears are very important with this breed.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are powerful, strong and versatile animals. That makes them very suitable as working dogs. They like to be trained and like to be given tasks. A Bernese Mountain Dog does not feel well in an apartment or flat. He needs space. He can play to his heart’s content in a large, securely fenced yard. In addition, at least 30 minutes of intensive exercise is recommended. If you want to keep this dog in top condition, even more exercise is needed. The life expectancy of the Bernese Sennen is relatively short: about 6 to 8 years.

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