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The Biewer (pronounced ‘beaver’, like the well-known rodent that builds dams) is fully called ‘biewer Yorkshire terrier’. So it is a variation on the popular one Yorkshire terrier who has already melted so many children’s hearts. The biewer is ‘a large dog in a compact body’. It is a companion dog with the sole purpose of life to love and be loved. Their charming, whimsical demeanor with a hint of jealousy and possessiveness towards other pets makes them adorable. Their fierce overconfidence towards other, often larger, dogs is also very typical.

Biewers are loving towards their owners and very devoted. These intelligent dogs are generally very obedient but occasionally also naughty and a bit stubborn. They can be aloof and suspicious, which prevents them from running at every stranger with a wagging tail. Still, these loyal dogs are not true watchdogs. They always provide the necessary entertainment in your family. However, these tireless cuties will never bark excessively. Biewertjes need to know who is in charge, but consistent and positive rewards usually pay off.


A biewer Yorkshire terrier is an elegant, long-haired, tricolor small terrier. Characteristic of this breed is, among other things, the high-placed, curved ‘ponytail’ with long luxurious plume. His unique silky coat has typical colors that distinguish him from the ‘normal’ Yorkshire terrier. The hairs fall down nicely evenly in the middle on both sides of the body. It looks like a comb has been used to separate them perfectly straight. Their coat therefore requires some extra attention.

A biewer may be small in stature, but that doesn’t make him any less sturdy or athletic. It reaches a maximum length of 23 cm and usually weighs between 2.5 and 3.5 kg. On average, these dogs are 22 cm high and weigh around 3.1 kg.

Other particulars

Biewer Yorkies make excellent apartment dwellers because they are compact, don’t cause noise, and don’t require an awful lot of exercise. Sometimes, for example in bad weather, a short walk in the hallway is sufficient. Still, these roguish playmates can also give the best of themselves on long walks, hikes or agility training. Biewers like activities and the occasional challenge. They get bored quickly.

These ‘beaver Yorkies’ do need a low-protein, well-balanced feeding schedule. Crumbling the food is a good idea to reduce the rapid build-up of plaque. The teeth should be brushed regularly anyway. Good ear and eye hygiene is also important. Biewers who often scratch themselves or chew their foot pads will benefit from a diet based on lamb and fish. Biewers, like the Yorkshire terrier, are prone to weight gain. Give them clean, fresh water regularly and spread their nutrition over 2 to 3 feeding times a day. As with other Yorkshire terriers, biewers have to be careful with anesthesia. These dogs sometimes suffer from allergies.

The biewer’s long coat is sensitive to mats and should be cleaned daily. It is important to take good care of their coat and to clean their ears regularly. It is also necessary to trim the nails regularly to prevent cracking, splitting and overgrowth. This variety also requires good quality care products. It also needs extra protection from cold and hot temperatures. Biewers are easy to educate as long as you stay consistent. You shouldn’t spoil them too much. Potty training can take a little longer on this breed. Keep him happy and healthy and this happy playmate can live for 12 to 15 years.

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