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The Giant Schnauzer or ‘Giant Schnauzer’ is, as the name implies, a larger model of the Standard Schnauzer or Medium Schnauzer, also known as a ‘Wire Haired Pinscher’. Where a schnauzer was often used to guard estate or people and the miniature schnauzer To hunt vermin, the tough Giant Schnauzer was hired by German landowners to herd their livestock. Today he is a suitable guard or defense dog but above all a real family dog. The large schnauzer is quite demanding but also has many good qualities. It is a dog with character, a smart freethinker who needs an experienced owner to train him properly. This reliable family guardian is good with children, especially older children. The combination of his large stature and his enthusiasm make him less suitable for babies, toddlers or preschoolers. He’s not aggressive at all, but he could accidentally knock them over.


The Giant Schnauzer is similar to the Medium Schnauzer, but then a size bigger. It can grow up to 60 to 70 cm and weigh 32 to 35 kg. To be shaggy coat is usually solid black or the color ‘pepper and salt’. The Giant Schnauzer is known for its bobbed body with thick beard and eyebrows.

Other particulars

Giant Schnauzers like to have something concrete to do. So give them chores or assignments to keep them busy. Daily training exercises (agility training or obedience training) are recommended. Taking part in dog (sports) competitions with your big dog is also a good idea. After all, this breed is extremely energetic and athletic and enjoys long walks or jogging sessions on a leash. Actually, going for 20 minutes of brisk walking with this dog is a must, supplemented with at least 1 training exercise of 20 to 60 minutes. This way you avoid that this whopper will suffer from hip conditions or arthritis, which this breed is predisposed to.

Although a Giant Schnauzer needs a spacious home with a large garden, it is not an outdoor dog. Once a family member arrives at home, he wants to be in the house to protect his people. If you leave it in the garden in your absence, make sure to ensure a high and sturdy fence. An underground electronic fence is no match for this dog’s willpower.

You certainly don’t like the coat of the Giant Schnauzer negligible, as it can become tangled or matted. So it is important to brushing or combing this dog at least twice a week. But there you can make it a bonding moment of course. You can also learn his coat yourself trimming or having this done by a professional every 6-8 weeks. Must go further you regularly trim his nails, brush his teeth, clean his ears and wash it when dirty. If you take good care of this big sweetheart, he can 11 become up to 12 years old.

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