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The Hungarian vizsla (pronounced ‘ Wiezjla ‘) is an elegant, excellent companion dog with a good hunting instinct. That is why he is also an excellent hunter, specializing in catching highland game and retrieving waterfowl. The vizsla is also a talented tracker and is very disciplined by nature. He is very suitable to keep purely as a family dog, but then he needs a good daily portion of exercise.


In appearance there are two main varieties in this Hungarian top variety: the short-haired and the wire-haired variant . There is also a long-haired vizsla, but it is not officially recognized. Dogs belonging to the short-haired variety have a short, smooth, firm coat 3 to 6 cm long, with or without undercoat. The hair is a solid dark wheat or golden yellow, with or without small white spots on the chest or feet. These dogs do shed some loose hair, but their coat requires little maintenance.

Wirehaired Hungarian vizslas have short, coarse and wiry coat hair that is sandy yellow in various shades. The soft, dense, woolly undercoat is lighter in color and protects against all kinds of harsh weather conditions. Small white spots also occur in this variant, on the toes or on the chest. When the wiry coat is ‘ripe’, you can pluck it. Then the hairs are grouped together in all directions. A coarse brush will help give this dog a daily grooming session. Brushes for terriers are well suited for this breed and a wide tooth comb is ideal for the legs. If you trim these dogs, they’ll get rid of all their dead hair in one go.

The Hungarian vizsla grows to about 52 to 62 cm high. Usually bitches are slightly smaller than males and the wirehaired variety slightly larger than the short-haired variant. The weight of this purebred dog is usually between 22 and the 28 kg. In any case, vizslas look tough and muscular, yet elegant. She have a broad skull with a long, square muzzle and medium-length drooping ears. The eyes are oval, medium in size and the color usually forms a harmonious entirely with the coat.

Other particulars

The education of the vizsla is usually not special challenging. By nature they like to please their owner. It is important that you stay consistent. If you trim this dog as soon as his coat is ripe and then trim again 4 to 8 weeks afterwards, it does not cause much inconvenience during the moulting period. The average life expectancy of the Hungarian vizsla is between 12 and 15 years, but a healthy specimen can just as easily exceed that to go.

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