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The Labrador retriever is the perfect family dog. They are a nice breed: intelligent, youthful and social. These sporty family dogs love to walk and play and, as their name suggests, enjoy retrieving objects. The puppies are easy to train. They learn quickly and do not easily forget. Hence, they are often used as guide dogs for the blind.


You have two types of Labrador retrievers: an American and an English variety. The first is longer and slimmer, the second a bit stiffer and heavier. Labradors have a round head with friendly brown or black eyes and a straight muzzle. They have drooping ears that are close to the head. The cheerful Labrador ‘otter tail’ is medium long and thick. Their short coat is dense, straight and harsh with a weather resistant undercoat. The coat color varies between creamy white, blonde, liver color, fox red, chocolate brown and black. Sometimes they have a small, white patch on the chest. Labrador retrievers weigh an average of 35 kg and grow to about 56 cm in height.

Other particulars

The Labrador is not originally from Labrador (Canada), as is often thought, but from Newfoundland, off the coast of Labrador. He was a perfect fisherman’s companion helping haul ropes and fish. From there he was imported to England. The Portuguese word ‘lavrador’ means ‘worker’. The modern Labrador is a pampered family dog, used in dog sports or as a ‘retriever’ (retriever) for hunters. Sometimes he is also an assistance dog for the disabled, a show or rescue dog. In any case, he likes to get different jobs.

Labradors shed quite a bit, especially during the moulting period. Weekly brushing is sufficient and removes a lot of loose hair. The Lab has been the number one dog in America for years. However, it requires quite a bit of your energy. Labrador retrievers need at least half an hour to an hour of exercise per day. Without that outlet they can chew things or bark from boredom. They are also real escape heroes so they need a strong fence. If they get enough exercise, you can also keep them in an apartment. Labs tend to become obese if you don’t measure their food properly. They also like human food and completely inedible things. Make sure they can’t dig in the trash can. A Labrador is usually 12 to 13 years old.

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