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The Lagotto romagnolo, also called ‘vallaroli’, originates from Romagna in Italy. It is one of the oldest and most famous Italian water dogs. Initially they were mainly used to hunt waterfowl, more specifically moorhens. Because of their exceptional sense of smell, they were sometimes used to search for truffles. In Sweden you regularly see this breed at work as a drug dog at customs.

These pleasant dogs are smart, lively and devoted. Their friendly, watchful and well-balanced nature generally make them great children’s friends. They are friendly to ‘new people’ but a bit reserved. The same goes for new experiences. The lagotto romagnolo is a real creature of habit. So it helps to introduce this dog to the habits in your household from an early age. Being affectionate and tractable, ‘Lagotti’ are easy to train. They love the company of their family members.


A Lagotto romagnolo is a sturdy but light, muscular small to medium breed dog. On average, males reach a height of 43 to 50 cm and females 40 to 46 cm. The males usually weigh between 13 and 16 kg, while the average females weigh a little lighter: between 11 and 16 kg.

The Romagna Water Dog is a broad dog with a rounded skull, square body, well sprung ribs and oval feet. A striking feature of this breed is the short, thick, woolly, curly coat. It’s a bit of a sheepskin. This water-resistant coat grows very quickly, up to 1 cm per month. Coat colors range between solid off white or white with tan or reddish brown spots or markings. Solid (red) brown also occurs, possibly with white markings or a fungal pattern.

Other particulars

A Lagotto romagnolo is fast and agile and has a strong scent ability. That makes him an ideal candidate for agility competitions and dog sports. It is also a real water retriever. He likes to swim, play in the mud or trot through puddles and streams. He is also intelligent and eager to learn.

This hard worker loves to please his owner and gets along well with other pets. It is also the ideal dog for long walks. The Lagotto’s coat does require some maintenance. This dog does not shed. That’s good news for people with dog hair allergies. But weekly brushing and regular detangling is not an unnecessary luxury. In addition, it is advisable to clip or shave this dog 4 times a year to avoid too many tangles. Tangles can attract pests. You can of course also get these dogs used to being cut or trimmed by you. That creates an extra bond with your pet. A monthly bath can help keep this four-legged friend’s coat clean without affecting its water-repelling ability. It is also important to regularly remove the hairs from their ears.

Romagna water dogs require loving guidance and patient repetition in their upbringing. They need a lot of exercise and also like to be pampered. On average, these dogs live to be 12 to 15 years old.

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