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The calm and gentle Siamese loves comfort. She is quite passive and sometimes stays in the same place for hours. She easily adapts to an environment or situation due to her great intelligence and social agility. As a result, Siamese also learn new things easily. They are curious and find every visit interesting. They are certainly not shy and easily crawl on strangers’ lap. They can make friendships with dogs but most of all love people. These family cats prefer to seek as much human companionship as possible and hate being alone. They respond strongly to external stimuli. They also tend to interfere with everything that happens at home.


A Siamese has a long-legged, elegant, lithe physique. Her long, lean and muscular body is characteristic. The wedge-shaped head with a long muzzle and pointed ears are also typical. Those large, angled ears make this cat’s head resemble a perfect equilateral triangle. Her nose is long, smooth and without a notch. Striking are her captivating dark blue almond-shaped eyes that are slightly tilted upwards. And the long, pointed whiptail is also a typical feature. A Siamese’s short coat is incredibly soft and comes in a variety of patterns and colors, both bi- and tricolor. Common colors are seal, blue, chocolate or cinnamon brown, silver or lilac. These colors come in solid and ‘smoke’ but there are also striped or spotted Siamese.

Other particulars

These smart cats also love games and learning tricks. They quickly learn how to open cabinets and doors. So it is best to keep the cat food in a cupboard that can be locked. Siamese do need a lot of attention. They can meow intrusively and piercingly. Their voice is loud and melodic with many nuances. They like to use it to chat with their owner. In general, a Siamese cat will do just about anything to get into her owner’s favor. For example, she comes when necessary to bring comfort, hugs and distraction. You can therefore easily train these cats. Siamese are among the longest living cats. They live on average as much as 10 to 19 years old.

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