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In Russia, the Siberian forest cat is rather seen as a street cat. It is a fairly young breed. Alternative names for this breed are Neva Masquerada, Siberian cat or Siberian cat. The characteristics of a Siberian forest cat are quite similar to those of the Norwegian forest cat. This cat also likes to climb and needs a good scratching post. She likes to be petted and receives a lot of attention, but on her terms. Siberian forest cats are not served with intrusive cuddling. They get along well with other cats and even dogs. Children are also no problem as long as they don’t get too rough with her.


The Siberian forest cat is not a typically elegant cat. She is relatively heavily built and well muscled. A Siberian weighs between 4 and 9 kilos, depending on gender. Males are a bit heavier. The appearance of a Siberian cat gives a generally rounded impression. The head is quite large in relation to the rest of her body and is round with a rounded muzzle. The cheekbones are also rather heavy and her limbs are powerful. Siberian forest cats have a medium to long coat. This consists of water-repellent, oily topcoat and dense undercoat. All coat colors are possible. The most common are black, red and their derivatives. You also often see blue and cream. Actually all kitty colors are allowed. Striped and spotted patterns also appear on the coat.

Other particulars

The Siberian Forest Cat is often purchased by owners with allergies. It is said that they do not or less cause allergic reactions. People with cat allergies react to enzymes in the cat saliva. This cat breed is said to have significantly less of these enzymes in its saliva. But there is certainly no scientific evidence that people with allergies would not be bothered by this cat. During a visit to our Cattery you can test whether this theory is correct for you. Siberian forest cats keep their own fur clean. So they don’t require much maintenance. During the moulting period we do recommend brushing excess hair from their coat. Siberians do not develop very quickly and are only fully grown after 5 years. They can live to be 10 to 18 years old.

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