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Sphynxes are native to Canada. They are unique cats that build strong bonds of trust with their human family members. They have a friendly nature and they are intelligent and gentle. They are playful and sociable and like to be constantly surrounded by people or other pets. Domestic cats of this breed are not so good at being alone. So they do not thrive in families where everyone goes out to work. The character of a sphynx is sometimes described as 25% cat, 25% monkey, 25% dog and 25% child. They are also often seen as a status symbol or luxury pet.


A sphynx is an atypical cat not only in personality. As the only one of her kind, she doesn’t always have a cuddly appearance. People often speak of a ‘naked cat’ or a ‘hairless cat’. Still, the idea that these cats have no fur is a misunderstanding. Sphynxes have many short, downy hairs all over the body. That’s why their skin is so soft. This cat also comes in different colors. And the color of the eyes often corresponds to the ‘skin color’. An adult sphynx weighs an average of 6 kg.

Other particulars

A sphynx does not necessarily require less maintenance because its coat is so short. Just like humans, this cat has sebaceous glands and secretes sweat. That is why it is recommended to wash this cat once a week with a soft soap, eg soap suitable for babies. Sphynxes also produce more ear wax than other breeds. So it’s important to gently clean their ears regularly with a cotton swab. The glands near the nails also secrete a brown substance that is best removed. This cat definitely needs fifteen minutes of intensive care a week. This breed has a higher metabolism and therefore a higher body temperature. This way, despite their wafer-thin coat, they don’t get cold too quickly. If you are allergic to cat skin flakes, this cat is an excellent choice. But if you can’t stand the enzymes in cat saliva, the coat type will of course make little difference. The fact that a Sphynx cat does not lose hair is of course a big plus. A sphynx kitten reaches maturity after 2 years and reaches an average age of 8 to 14 years.

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