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The corgi is a smart, adventurous dog with a spunky disposition. Originally a sheepdog, you can see that in his predilection for long romping sessions. In fact, there are two corgi varieties: the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi. While Pembroke corgis have a very gentle disposition, Cardigan corgis can be a little more nervous. Both varieties are pleasant family dogs and also excellent guard and herding dogs. They will always loyally protect their family members. A well-socialized corgi is the perfect playmate for an energetic child.


Corgis invariably turn heads with their adorable looks. They are best known for their funny peachy buttocks. Their short legs and long back, in combination with their fox-like head, give them a likeable appearance. The Pembroke corgi is the smallest variety, with a shorter tail and slightly pointed ears. The Cardigan corgi is a bit larger with a longer tail and slightly rounder ears. There is also talk of ‘cowboy’ corgis, but these are not purebred corgis. They are actually talking about a cross between the corgi and the Australian cattle dog .

Pembroke corgis are usually red, sandy, light brown, fawn or black. Sometimes their fur has white markings. With Cardigan corgis there is a bit more variation in the coat color so you also have one with a blue merlé or tiger fur. An average Pembroke corgi weighs about 10 to 17 kg and is between 25 and 30 cm high. Cardigan corgis generally have a height of around 30 cm at the withers and average between 15 and 18 kg. Females are usually slightly smaller and lighter than males.

Other particulars

The double coat of this four-legged friend is water and weather resistant but requires regular grooming. Good weekly brushing is necessary to keep a corgi’s coat clean and healthy. It’s a good idea to put a towel or moisture-absorbent mat at the entrance of your home for your corgi. Because of his short legs, he will often come home with a wet or muddy stomach. Especially in winter, it is therefore very important to dry your corgi well after a walk in inclement weather, so that it does not get sick or does not bring in ice. Corgis do require quite a bit of attention and exercise. The average corgi lives at least 12 years old. But these dogs can easily live up to 15 years. Especially the Cardigan corgis usually have a slightly higher life expectancy.

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