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The Slovak Beagle or Slovensky kopov is a hunting dog native to Slovakia, closely related to the German Beagle. It is a courageous, determined dog that can follow a trail for hours without difficulty. In their country of origin, they are often used to track down game such as boars or predators. These lively dogs have an extraordinary sense of direction and an excellent sense of smell, making them perfect hunting dogs with us today. Guarding your estate or home will also do this dog a lot of good. Due to its intelligence, this Slovakian four-legged friend is very easy to train. That way you can easily stop them from barking and howling. They can be quite suspicious of other pets or strangers. That’s in their nature. But when they grow up with children, Slovakian Beagles are very nice and protective of them.


The Slovensky kopov has a small head and dark eyes with a short, solid black coat with brown spots. The tail hangs down and is slightly more hairy at the top than at the tip. With their solid bone structure and fortified, angular body, they are light but very solid in stature. These lively dogs weigh about 20 kg and preferably even a little more. Males are on average about 48 cm high and a bitch around 43.

Other particulars

The passionate Slovak hunter is certainly suitable as a pet provided he is given sufficient physical and mental challenges on a daily basis. A fenced garden is certainly no superfluous luxury for this powerful four-legged friend with inexhaustible stamina. Along with outdoor toys such as balls and Frisbies, that is a great aid in giving this dog plenty of mental as well as physical stimulation every day. Although a lot of outdoor space or regular, brisk walks are required, the Slovak Beagle requires relatively little care. The coat is usually only 2 to 5 cm long so requires little maintenance. Good eye and ear hygiene is also quite important to avoid infections. On average, a specimen of good parentage lives about 12 to 14 years old.

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