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The Havanese, Bichon Havanais or Havana Silk Dog is a playful, curious companion dog native to the island of Cuba. He belongs to the family of the bichon . These small, lively dogs are popular all over the world. They can forge tremendously strong bonds with their families but easily suffer from separation anxiety and are very affectionate. Because they always want company, they are happiest in households where someone is always at home. He mostly clicks with older people and older children, whom he can entertain by being a clown. After all, this busy little companion likes to be the center of attention himself. He wants to please everyone, including other pets and strangers, so he is not a real watchman. But he likes to bark, so he will notify you when someone is at the door.

Furthermore, these dogs are very intelligent and gentle, pleasant company. They like to be pampered and cuddled, but they are not pushy. In addition, they are very sensitive to their moods family members. They provide cheerful entertainment when you are feeling sad and also immediately notice if you are angry or disappointed by their behavior. After they have disobeyed, they often start looking for a way to get it right to make.


The Havanese or ‘Havanese’ is extremely popular due to its charming appearance. He has a lot of fur, but the naked puppies are also very attractive. You just can’t resist the big, dark, almond-shaped eyes of this tiny, long-haired wag. The black edges emphasize its friendly appearance even more. Its head is semi-circular with a short muzzle with mostly black nose and lips. The rim of the eyes, the nose and the lips can also be brown if their fur is also brown. The brown tones that occur are light brown, Havana brown, tobacco brown and mahogany. Furthermore, the coat can also be black or white. The ears of this Havanese bichon are quite pointed.

The Havanese is only between 20 and 28 cm high and weighs a maximum of between 4.5 and 7 kg.

Other particulars

Havana Silk Dogs are cheerful, gentle, easy going and quick-witted. In addition, they want to please everyone. That makes them very easy to raise. Still, these dogs are not suitable for people who work full time. Leaving them alone or taking them to a kennel breaks their heart. Preferably, these cuddly dogs want to go everywhere. They need at least a short walk or a good play session every day to get rid of their energy. Their dexterity, tremendous intelligence and quick learning ability make it easy to teach them tricks. They quickly perform those tricks spontaneously to elicit attention or a reward. The energetic bichon Havanais therefore does very well in dog sports.

Havanese should be bathed 2 to 4 times a week. Their coat tends to tangle because the loose hairs are trapped in the outer hair. That is why it is recommended to comb them regularly. A big plus is that these dogs are odorless and hardly shed. Of course they do. This Cuban fluff ball usually lives to an average of 14 years.

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