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The American stafford is called in full American staffordshire terrier or ‘Amstaff’. In English it is called ‘American Stafford’ or ‘American Thug’. This dog breed originated from the bulldog and the terrier and is known for its stability and strength. These impressive dogs are very energetic and agile. An American Stafford is also an amusing, enthusiastic and loyal pet. Despite their menacing name and appearance, they are very gentle in nature. They get along well with children, cats and other familiar family members. Especially when introduced early, they are no problem in large families with other pets. In fact, this companion dog is actually a sweet, sturdy good-natured dog rather than a bully (bully) or gangster (thug). He is outgoing, confident and brave. He will protect his family to death in the event of a real threat. It is not a hunting dog, but it likes tracking and going for walks.


The strong, robust American Stafford’s characteristic square head may keep you on your toes with this breed. But despite his perhaps terrifying appearance with a powerful stocky torso and broad chest, this is simply a friendly family dog. The American Bully is a medium sized breed with a height of between 33 and 53 cm. But it comes in three different sizes: pocket size (pocket), standard size (normal) or extra large (XL). American staffords usually weigh between 30 and 40 kg. The round or oval eyes of this compact short-legged dog come in a variety of colors. Only blue is not possible according to the breed standard. The American Bully has small ears and its short coat can come in a variety of colors, shades and combinations, except ‘robin’. Its smooth, shiny coat hairs are flat and moderately rough when stroked.

Other particulars

The self-assured American Stafford is not aggressive and eager to please its owner. American Thugs need consistent training and clear structure. If you properly determine their boundaries within a solid, consistent upbringing, they are reliable and versatile companions. You should brush their short, sleek coat regularly. Bathe the dogs only when necessary. American bully’s adapt well to city life and small living conditions. But they do need enough exercise and (mental) challenge. They live to be 8 to 12 years old.

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