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The Caucasian Ovcharka Shepherd hails from Russia, where it originally protected livestock from enemies. It is therefore a courageous, independent and territorial breed. Caucasian Shepherds are good guards with a strong drive for defense. They protect everything that belongs to the family, be it children, chickens, cats or rodents. They have a certain respect for all life but have a natural distrust of strangers.


The appearance of the Caucasian Shepherd can vary from country to country and region to region. Generally these purebred dogs have a strong and massive body. They have something ‘bear-like’ and are muscular and athletic. The shoulder height of an Ovcharka Herder is at least 65 cm in a male and 62 cm or more in a female. In general, the preference is 70 cm, or at least between 69 and 85 cm. This breed is therefore very large. In terms of weight, an adult Ovcharka is around 46 to 65.5 kg.

Their coat has straight, coarse bristles with a well-developed undercoat. All kinds of outer coat colors are possible in combination with a light colored undercoat. They come in different shades of gray and with rust-colored shades, straw yellow or earth-colored. Slightly ruddy, (reddish) brown, tan, fungus, white, cream are also common. This may or may not be without white markings. You also sometimes see brindle, flamed, tigered or white spotted. Sometimes Ovcharkas also have a dark mask. So their appearance is very varied.

Other particulars

Caucasian Shepherds are mainly used as working dogs in Russia, Turkey and Iran. Having a very controlled defense response makes them excellent watchdogs. At first, the Ovcharka warns with growls and barks, but he will not hesitate to defend his family by intervening with lightning speed. You should brush his beautiful coat frequently to keep it free from tangles and mats. It is best not to wash this purebred dog too often and if necessary with a mild shampoo. Otherwise, you can damage the weatherproof layer on the coat. Ovcharkas grow best in a rural environment. They need space to run, roam and work. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs live to be about 9 to 11 years old.

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