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An English bulldog (or ‘English bull dog’) is naturally very cheerful and friendly. Despite their spontaneous and enthusiastic attitude, they are usually quite quiet in the house. He is a gentle, affectionate dog who loves his family. English bulldogs also get along well with other dogs or pets. They are also real childhood friends. Due to their innate ability to put things into perspective, they are very tolerant and have a sense of humor. They are good watchers and protectors, yet they are everyone’s comrade.


English bulldogs look a bit intimidating due to their broad and compact physique combined with their sturdy head. Yet they are surprisingly balanced animals. Because they have a short snout and a slightly forward-facing lower jaw, they sometimes seem a bit irritable. But nothing is less true. Their short coat comes in a variety of colors. Two colors are common, but the coat can also be brindle or red. This red can vary from more beige to more dark red. It is also possible that there is a black mask around the muzzle or that there are white markings on the coat. English bulldogs grow to a maximum height of 40 cm and weigh between 22 and 25 kg. That is usually larger than their French counterpart, the French Bulldog .

Other particulars

The English Bulldog is relatively lazy and should be stimulated to move. He does appreciate a short walk now and then. He is quickly exhausted and knows about the heat. So always take water with you wherever you go for a walk with him. The English Bulldog makes a good watchdog. Consistent training by a firm hand is a good idea. English Bulldogs shed on average. You can easily remove loose and dead hair with a rubber glove. It is also important to regularly clean the mouth and skin folds. This dog is about 7 to 9 years old.

Another interesting fact: you sometimes read ‘English bulldog’. Both spellings, both English and Dutch, are correct and are used interchangeably in the Dutch language.

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