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The Siberian Husky is originally a sled dog due to its origins. This energetic dog is very fond of his owner and family and shows that love clearly. A Siberian Husky is always in a great mood. He has a high tolerance. Siberian Huskies are not watchful but they do remain assertive. They get along well with their own kind. They are actually real group animals. It is therefore recommended to have several huskies together under one roof. Yet it is best not to put them together with chickens, rabbits or cats. Despite their good natures, they still have a natural hunting instinct. The Siberian Husky is also independent and willful.


The shoulder height of the Siberian Husky is 53 to 60 cm for a male. For a bitch this is 51 to 56 cm. The average weight for a male is 20 to 27 kg and for a bitch 16 to 22 kg. Siberian Huskies have a double coat with a thick, downy undercoat. The outer coat is soft and smooth. This thick coat protects this beautiful purebred dog even at temperatures of -75 ° C. As far as coat colors are concerned, just about all combinations are possible. White, white with gray, black or red are colors that you often see in this breed. Sometimes these dogs wear a mask on the coat or have clear markings. The eyes are brown or blue. Some of these huskies have blue-brown eyes. It even happens occasionally that a Siberian Husky has one brown and one black eye!

Other particulars

The Siberian Husky is naturally clean and free from body odor. You do have to brush it daily to remove excess loose hair and avoid tangles. Their strength and stamina make these purebred dogs very popular in the Arctic. It is therefore a compact, strong dog that likes to work. Not only does that make him an excellent sled dog. Huskies are also good racers who love to run. It is best to keep a Siberian Husky in a spacious home with a large, well-fenced garden. But protect it well against the heat when necessary. This dog gets bored quickly so it is best not to leave him alone too often. Because Siberian Huskies are intelligent and have a mind of their own, they benefit from dog training. On average they live to be 11 to 13 years old.