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The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is also often referred to as the Central Asian Shepherd. This Russian mountain dog belongs to the FCI class of the pinschers and schnauzers and is one of the oldest dog breeds. The breed is relatively unknown in Western Europe. The Shepherd Dog has a strong innate territorial and survival instinct. This makes him unseen brave against large predators and makes these shepherds submissive puppies by nature. Mostly these dogs were used to protect livestock, defend their owners and guard the caravans.

Central Asian Shepherds have a strong sense of hearing and smell, a controlled character and a well-developed guarding instinct. They excel at communicating and give clear warning messages. An observant owner can interpret these well and will always feel protected. For example, most sheepdogs start growling before they start barking. These unflappable dogs are incredibly loyal to their family members. How much affection they have for their loved ones, so much distrust they have of strangers. These confident dogs make their own choices. Even in danger, they can remain very calm and then suddenly attack without warning. They won’t let anything happen to their family or flock.


Those looking for a large, harmonious dog with a calm appearance is in the right place with the Central Asian Shepherd. This breed features powerful legs, strong muscles and elastic skin, often with folds around the neck. Also recognizable are their gentle, gloomy eyes that are far apart. Their soft undercoat is covered by a rough outer coat that can come in a variety of colors. Besides white, black and gray, straw yellow occurs regularly, but also rusty brown, gray (brown), tiger, fur or spotted. An Asian Ovcharka grows to between 60 and 78 cm. An adult specimen therefore weighs between 40 and 79 kilograms. The females usually weigh slightly less than the males.

Other particulars

A Central Asian Shepherd Dog is independent and adaptable, as well as curious and cheeky at times. He needs a consistent, balanced education, preferably from a boss who gives him time and space for his self-development. It is a very calm, docile dog who greatly values stability and consistency. It is certainly not a lap or city dog. This strong, fearless dog can dose his energy very well. He needs a lot of space and both physical and mental activities. Socializing from an early age is a must and is best continued when your shepherd has reached adulthood. With this breed, you need to watch out for joint disease, so climbing stairs is best to wait until puppyhood is over.

Ovcharkas are very easy to maintain. Because of their fat coat they are resistant to all climate types. Weekly combing will be recommended, but otherwise their coat requires no attention. These fantastic four-legged friends usually live to be 12 to 15 years old.

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