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Great Dogs are suitable family dogs. They are ‘big friendly giants’ with a high tolerance towards children and a stable character. By the breed standard they are very affectionate and sweet, but of course they need to be well socialized and raised consistently. And of course, caution is always required with children and animals. The Great Dane is docile and modest and preferably with its owner as much as possible. Yet his people-oriented character does not make him submissive. He can be surprisingly stubborn and willful at times, but often in a sweet way.

Although intimidating and unwieldy, this dog is a good-natured, intelligent family friend. It is therefore the ideal dog to intimidate uninvited house guests without showing aggressive behavior or in any way posing a danger to your own family. They don’t even have to bark or threaten to properly frighten people with bad intentions. Such a large dog naturally requires some caution when romping and cuddling.


The Great Dane is a colossus. His enormous stature often frightens owners of smaller dogs. You certainly don’t want to anger this large and powerful animal because its jaws and canines are noticeably larger compared to the average dog. But this dog’s hefty, elegant physique is also one of its greatest charms. His posture can command a lot of respect. Males are at least 80 cm tall (high). Their weight is usually between 50 and 100 kg. The Great Dane’s ears are set high and drooping.

Their short, smooth coat comes in three basic varieties, which should not be mixed during breeding: yellow (brindle / striped) with a black mask, black or white with black spots (harlequin) or (black) blue. In the latter color variant there are sometimes white spots on the chest and / or feet. The coat type ‘gray tiger’ is also recognized as legitimate in many places. Breeding White Great Dane or ‘White Tigers’ is prohibited because doing so could facilitate the occurrence of certain conditions in offspring.

Other particulars

Great Dogs are extremely susceptible to gastric torsion and other stomach ailments. Many German dogs therefore do not become older than 10 years. However, with proper veterinary monitoring, the risk of such ailments can be significantly reduced. And of course it is important to purchase your puppy from a selfless breeder such as Felicanis , which takes into account the health and longevity of the dogs during breeding.

A Great Dane needs a lot of exercise and qualitative food to stay fit and healthy. The muscles and tendons of this giant must be properly trained. During a long daily walk, preferably without a leash, this dog can let off steam. It is better to avoid climbing stairs with this breed. You also have to with the puppies long walks or wild games slowly build up. A spacious house with garden is ideal for this human friend.

The simple, positive and uncomplicated nature of the Great Dane makes him an ideal companion, assistance or family dog. He has does need a consistent and loving upbringing and a lot of contact with his owner. This great sweetheart is quite daring to express his love lose saliva. As an owner you have to be able to handle that.

There are other countries that claim the origin of the impressive Great Dane. Hence, the English name for this dog is ‘Great Dane’.


The Great Dane comes from the same ancestors as the English bulldog and the Bordeaux dog . His stature is also reminiscent of the Mastiff and the Irish Wolfhound . Great dogs were mainly kept in Germany at the court where they were used as hunting dogs. These large, self-confident dogs were very suitable for independently killing animals such as wild boars, deer and even bears. They did wear durable protective clothing for their own safety. The ears were often cut short for their protection. Now this dog has become a real pet, especially popular with enthusiasts.

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