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The Malinois or Belgian Shepherd is a large Belgian Shepherd Dog that resembles the German shepherd . He comes from the Kempen and the north of Brabant. Originally he was bred to protect the herd and to guard the farmer and his belongings. Today he is still an excellent watchdog. With a Malinois by your side, you don’t have to be afraid of burglars. This popular purebred dog is also often used as a police, customs or rescue dog. They also do very well in dog sports. These intelligent, hard workers make great companion dogs and do well with other pets and children. In Flanders they are also called ‘Mechelse shoppers’. ‘Scheper’ is just another word for ‘shepherd’.


Malines are very similar in character, but in appearance there is a lot of diversity. Within this breed a number of variations are distinguished on the basis of the length, the growth direction and the color of the coat. Malinois have a pale red, short coat with a black glow and black mask. The dark shade on the coat is caused by their black hair tips. They are very similar to German shippers. In addition to the typical Malinois, one also speaks of a Laekenois. This is a rare type with a rough coat. And then there are also two long-haired types: the Tervueren Shepherd and the Groenendael.

Other particulars

This sheepdog’s coat sheds. During the moulting period, remove the loose undercoat with a shepherd’s rake. You should brush this purebred dog regularly and only wash it when really necessary. You should also clean your eyes and ears regularly. Malinois need a loving upbringing and professional training. They are very eager to learn and are constantly looking for the approval of an equal partner or teacher. They also have a great need for activity and exercise. These versatile athletes show an inexhaustible enthusiasm and an unlimited energy reserve. The jumping ability, climbing skills and high speed of this breed are impressive. Belgian Shepherds are extremely agile and eager to learn. These sports enthusiasts require a lot of exercise. On average, they live 12 to 14 years.

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